The stereotype about the lack of sex

The stereotype about the lack of sex in the lives of active users of imageboard spawned the meme Troll, a liar and a virgin.
It is also believed that visitors imageboard and students often meet the lack of a subject through Masturbation, which, in particular, has led to the widespread naming of a wanker and a wanker. Finding sex partner eventually are Dating sites.

The porn site — the Internet site, the main content of which are erotic and pornographic photos and videos, rarely — texts, games, cartoons and comics. The manufacture, promotion, development of the porn sites are AWM (Adult Web Master). Visitors of porn sites are mostly men. Women comprise approximately 25 % of all visitors to such resources.
There are both paid and free porn sites. To view content paid porn sites usually need to register, and the registration fee. On free sites it is also possible the division between “free” and “paid” content.
Often access porn sites blocked. In particular, the place of work of the author of this article is allowed to the web pages containing the words “Porn” and “Sex” (and what the word “Sex” means “Gender” and is present in the texts of the many online resources that are not related to porn, no one cares). There are also a number of ways to protect pornography from children. In particular, the tube sites have a warning that the material on this website should not be watched by persons under 18 years of age. Visitors take this into account.